Top 5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Professional Wedding Photographer

Series Introduction

Not all experienced professional photographers are wedding photographers.  Not all professional wedding photographers are experienced.  Not all photographers are experienced professionals.  Because of the digital Rhodes-VanHowe Web-5photography revolution, more amateurs are turning pro than ever.  It has become so easy to start a photography business, and it now costs nothing to shoot thousands of images.  That doesn’t mean that all those images are good, or that they have captured all the shots you expected.  Professionals are those who get paid for it, no more, no less.  The experienced professional knows how to get the job done, and how to conduct themselves to ensure things work out.  Weddings are not like other kinds of photography.  Stay tuned to this blog to read the top 5 reasons to hire an experienced professional wedding photographer.

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Reason #1 – We Only Get One Shot!

Reason #2 – Have a System!

Reason #3 – Play Nice With Others!

Reason #4 – Normal Wedding Crises!

Reason #5 – Family Drama!

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