6 Questions You Should Ask Potential Wedding Photographers – Part 6

What do you charge extra for?

This question could just as easily be asked as “what do I get for my investment?”  Either way, you want to know what you are receiving.  How many hours of photographer coverage?  How many images, on what kind of media, and what rights to reproduce?  Is an album included?  How long does it take?

Another important question is “How much will it cost for the items not on the list?”  Items like extra media, rights to reproduce, extra albums, longer coverage, expedited processing are often extra cost, and surprisingly expensive.  Make sure that these costs are spelled out so that you can estimate the total investment in photography and don’t pay more than you expected.

I believe that in this age of smart phones, Facebook, Snapfish and all the other digital resources,  most people want the rights to publish and reproduce their images, that’s why full resolution images and rights are part of my standard offering – I don’t charge extra for it.  I also understand that not everyone is totally sold out to the internet and the digital revolution.  My standard service  also includes simple wedding albums for all my brides.  Having prints in hand that you can show off and pass around when you meet with friends and relatives  is a different experience, and sometimes easier for older relatives.

What I charge up front is pretty much all you pay.  It is much less costly for you to order prints from a reliable service than to pay me to do that for you.  With many photographers, the mark up on prints is high.  I would rather not be the middle man.

More Questions?

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