6 Questions You Should Ask Potential Wedding Photographers – Part 5

Linda Wedding-101Do you shoot raw images?

In digital photography terms, raw images are similar to undeveloped negatives in a film camera.  They allow the photographer to get the best image processing possible.  Digital cameras all have software embedded that “develop” the raw images.  It is the digital equivalent of a Polaroid snap shot. Of course more expensive cameras have better software, but once the image is “developed”, it can’t easily be re-developed.

As a professional photographer I want every opportunity to craft the images to create the best result.  Shooting raw images gives me the best ability to get you a fantastic result.  Photographers who do not shoot raw are limited by whatever their camera does.

I review every image that I publish to each customer.  That is my product, and my reputation.  I use every tool at my disposal to provide my customers with the best possible images, and I spend about twice as much time in the “digital darkroom” as I do on the day of your wedding.  That includes selecting  images I believe are the “best of the best” for your albums.  It is a unique “end to end” service that I provide to all of my customers.

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