6 Questions You Should Ask Potential Wedding Photographers – Part 3

Are you familiar with my: church, ceremony, reception hall, outdoor shoot location, other vendors?

An experienced wedding photographer has probably been in every church, venue, and outdoor location in your area.  It is very likely they have worked with many of the vendors you may select.  Ask them about their experience with churches and reception halls – if there are any limitations or restrictions, they will probably know.  Likewise they will know if an outdoor location is easy to access and suitable for wedding day photos.  Last – make sure that your photographer is familiar with any special religious or ethnic customs that will be part of your wedding day.  That will help them to Linda Wedding-103capture these important traditions and bring their meaning to your image collection and album.

At your reception your photographer will coordinate with the Hostess, DJ or Band around the schedule of events (cutting the cake, bouquet and garter, etc).  She has done this before and should know how to work with them.

If you have not selected all your other vendors or finalized your church or venue yet, your photographer may have some ideas that you hadn’t considered.  After all they deal with these things every weekend.

 More Questions?

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