6 Questions You Should Ask Potential Wedding Photographers – Part 2

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Is my wedding day schedule/plan realistic?

Your wedding photographer is the only vendor (including your wedding planner) who will be with you throughout your entire wedding day – from getting dressed to the ceremony to the reception and all stops in between.  Use their experience to inform your decision making as far as how much time is reasonable to allow for pictures and preparation.  Your wedding photographer has done this many, many times – you on the other hand will do this only once.  Having a reasonable schedule will make your day much easier and less stressful.

Knowing the results you are looking for, and allowing enough time to get the artistic or traditional images is an important part of the photographer’s job.  When things are running behind, or worse, the schedule simply doesn’t allow enough time to get what you want, you need to know about it.

Being familiar with churches and venues is an important part of the planning.  Understanding different cultural traditions is also important.  You and your wedding photographer should have a conversation about the schedule, so that you can choose when you need to start getting ready and how much to do in between the ceremony and the reception.

I prefer to spend time with each bride and groom, documenting an itinerary, and understanding their ideas and desires for their wedding day.  During this conversation, I try to make sure that the couple understands the implications of the schedule, when the bride and her girls must be ready for pictures, what happens if we are running late, and what our options are.  On the wedding day, I should have this already understood, so that I can calmly go about doing my job and handle the schedule so the bride and groom can enjoy their day.

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