6 Questions You Should Ask A Potential Wedding Photographer – Intro

Questions for Wedding Photographers

Over the years I have heard stories from friends about their experiences with wedding photographers.  Friends who hired a friend to take pictures.  Some of them received sub-standard images or no images at all.  Some who had to pay more than expected for an album or for rights to reproduce digital images.  For some it is a case of not reading the contract or understanding what was included in the package.  For some it was the attraction of a low price, but hidden or unexpected costs appeared after the wedding.  For others it was simply unfortunate circumstance.  Over the next few weeks, I will be posting a list of questions every couple can and should ask potential photographers to make sure they are getting their money’s worth.


As a wedding photographer myself, I want every couple to be aware of how I do business, and confident that I will be able to capture the images that tell the story of their wedding day.  Many other photographer’s websites provide limited information about pricing, or product offerings hoping that you will call and ask questions.  I prefer to be “up front” about what I do, what it costs, and what I am all about.

Question #1 – How many weddings have you shot?

Question #2 – Is my wedding day schedule/plan realistic?

Question #3 – Are you familiar with my (church, reception venue, religious or ethnic traditions)?

Question #4 – Can I review your contract?

Question #5 – Do you shoot raw images?

Question #6 – What do you charge extra for?

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